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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


some of you might know me in person and as much as i like to neglect it i am short and if you were to put it in other words i am petite.i never intended to put this out there since who will even bother reading this but sometimes it takes courage to admit it and be proud of who you are.sometimes you have to deal with something you aren't comfortable with and have got to move on with it.we are all humans so whether you are short or that you are dealing with issues such as getting bullied or having someone calling names at you or suffering from depression and such a human being i feel that not enough people have put their seats into other people's seat.most people out there have way too many negative thoughts including myself and when you are dealing with insecurities most of the time  negative thoughts get in your a petite girl, being surrounded by tall people feels scary at is like big people overriding small people.i am a dwarf and they are point of view is that people tend to overthink a lot and we all got to take some time out of our life to appreciate what we have now and care for the others who are less fortunate than us.

love ans♥

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