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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What are birthdays meant to be?

why am i showing you a picture of me with a cake? nonetheless is because i will be having my birthday in two days.i am turning sixteen and it feels just like yesterday since i celebrate my last birthday.don't we all wish time could slow down.the picture above was taken 2 years back .haha i could tell because back then i have straight hair with highlights so it shouldn't be it only me or am i an idiot.i think being sixteen is a huge needs to be jotted down:sixteen for me isn't like any other birthday but it is like a next life changing stage for me apart from being 18 when i am legal to drink or might interested no others in what i am talking but i would like to know if others feel the same way as i do.the last few months i have been doing bits of research on restaurants,cakes and gift ect and i did came across to what i want to have or at least excepted to have on my sixteen birthday.i am much appreciated to what i have now but i did expected something unique and different then the last couple of birthdays which i have celebrated the  same way each year.let me cut this down by saying i didn't have a nice/proper birthday for the last two of now i am like many other people i am a human that needs to be love and i do have my ups and down.i make mistake like everybody does and i am not perfect in anyway.maybe i am a sensitive bug but it did hurt my feelings when this was said to me before and after.few months back from may i was really looking foreword to my birthday and after going through horrible stuff(personal issues) i was even more looking foreword to my sixteen birthday.i was very happy and excited.with everything plan beforehand and negotiated with my rents at the first place which they accepted.everything went well with my plan -my choice of cake,things to do and the location but now somehow i am confuse by what they rents say that i am not the one who should be picking the place out and instead i am not the one to decide on the things i mention above.they are the ones who should first place i wouldn't disagree but as much as they had promise me they broke their promises and change their words within just a few months.well my rents say that we will still celebrate it but it is nothing special.we will just eat dinner and have the cake at the same original place we always had and dine in the same place which we dine in the doesn't sound bad at all but i feel blah and it sounds like they don't care much at all.i did feel a little upset about this but why did my mum told me off when she came back for dinner .i did nothing wrong and i didn't do what she had said"not answering the phone." for some reason i don't feel like celebrating my birthday at all.

here's a song i will leave you with:

not your birthday-allstar weekend

and i will be going to justin bieber concert on my birthday so over and out.

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