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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Pizza Story

Warning! (not at all an interesting story,more of those bad days moments.) It was a few weekends back that this happened.It was one of those relaxing Sunday nights that we ordered take away for dinner and spend the night off with watching a movie.Usually we order pizza hut off the phone but we decided to try this new pizza place @ cwb.They don't offer pizza delivery so after my shopping for my daily essentials are done.I went over there to pick up the pizza .I waited for 30 min and upon that i had to make my way back home on time.So it all starts here i went in and look over the brochure that was left next to the cashier.Then i made my choice and choose margherita pizza with the size medium (18 inch) .The staff told me i had to wait around 25 min and surprisingly it was done sooner then i intentionally had thought.The pizza only came with the box above and I took the pizza all the way from cwb back home by mtr(the train).You can imagine how small i was compared to the box and my hands wasn't capable of holding on to more stuff than what i had already had in my hands before my purchase of the pizza.The whole journey from cwb back home people stare like i am some weird delivery person and what pisses me off is that no one offer me a seat .My poor hands were so tired from it and i got squash by people which irritated me because my hands and myself were actually about to fall apart.You couldn't possibly see how it was but my hands extended no further more. The pizza box fitted half of my body.I can't believe i made it home.If you care about the pizza last of all it was delicious and i felt like it was kind of worth it.Only the packaging could have more of less been nicely pack or even came with a bag of some sort.That way my trip to the pizza place would have been successful and more enjoyable.

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